Jelajah Bogor as its logo, Butterfly means transformation. We help you transform your organisation through your valuable assets, your employees.

We help you design outbound program that fits with your needs. The Team building programs should contain the values that shall be implemented in their routine activities in the office. The participants of the program will have fun yet they will learn so much things. It is an experimental learning where every participant needs to actively participate.

In addition to team building activities, you can always add-on adventure activities such as rafting, hiking, river tracking, camping and other interesting activities. The beauty of the nature help you release the tension in the routines activities. The employees will get new motivational spirit once they come back to their routines.

Jelajah Bogor also partner-up with venues around Sentul Area, Pancawati. This will make it easier for us to choose the perfect place for your event. We believe each event that contains some programs will require specific facilities to accommodate the event.


The Butterfly which means transformation is used to explain the philosophy of the story of why Jelajah Bogor is taking part in the industry. As we help our partners to design programs intended to help their employees to transform to become positive in their thinking, behavior and attitude.

Jelajah Bogor believes that there are 6 (six) main characters that build a winner. The visual of these characters are represented by the symbols of 6 (six) overlapping hands that show spirit of a teamwork of collaboration to achieve the goal together.

Ke-enam Values (nilai-nilai) tersebut adalah:

    Be compassionate, considerate, helpful and understanding of others

    Be open-minded, unbiased, and equitable

    Earn the respect of others; take the first step; work well with others

    Show regard for self, others, property, and the environment

    Be answerable and accountable for your actions

    Earn the confidence of others as a reliable and honest person

Warna pada simbol tangan-tangan manusia Jelajah Bogor yang berwarna
warni mempunyai makna bahwa team Jelajah Bogor adalah team yang solid
dan hangat.

Masing-masing warna yang membentuk logo memiliki arti Semangat,
Kegembiraan, Energik / Bersemangat, Kokoh, Tenteram dan Dapat